Recovering “lost” translations in MemoQ

A colleague of mine got in contact with me, distraught that she had “lost” a day’s worth of translation from her project.  I hope you never have this happen to you, but if it does, this is how you can backup your translation.

Before I start off, I just wish to state that this is for segments which had previously been saved and have disappeared for some reason, not drafts which hadn’t been saved.

Start by going into the ‘Translation memories’ menu under ‘Project Home’ and check that the translation memory you were using for the project is still selected.  If not, select the translation memory now.

Head back to the translation window. In the menu bar, click on the ‘Preparation’ ribbon.  There on the left-hand side of that ribbon, click on the ‘Pre-Translate’ icon.  This brings up the ‘Pre-translate and statistics’ dialogue which allows you to pre-translate documents from your translation memory.  In the ‘Lookup’ section, select ‘Exact TM or corpus match’ and then click on OK. If your TM is not corrupted, this will recover your missing translation segments.  It is also worth running this process for a ‘Good TM or corpus match’, just in case the document you are working on has been edited in the cloud by the customer and there are any segmentation or tag changes.

Happy translating everyone!

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